How do I qualify?  
For income eligibility and program information, call
(916) 782-3443 between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.
What energy conservation measures will you install on my home?
Measure applicability varies, depending upon your personal circumstances.  Once you have been qualified for the program, an appointment with a certified inspector will be made to determine what we can install on your home, and will be shared and explained at that time.
I live in a rental unit. Can I qualify for this program?
Yes, rental units are eligible, however the owner of your rental unit must sign an authorization before we can provide assistance to you.
Is there a charge to have my home weatherized?
All energy conservation measures are installed at no cost to you under a State or Utility-funded grant program as long as you meet the program qualification guidelines.
I live in a rental unit. If I qualify for this program, will my landlord be charged?
No – if you qualify, and the landlord signs an authorization, there is no charge to you or your landlord.
I live in a rental unit. If my landlord authorizes you to install energy conservation measures on my home, can my landlord raise my rent?  
Your landlord cannot raise your rent due to the measures that we install.  However, your landlord always has the discretion to raise your rent for any other reasons (i.e. competitive market, increases in his costs, lease stipulations, etc.)
If I qualify for this program in a rental unit and later move, can I take the energy conservation measures with me? 
NO.  The energy conservation measures must remain in the housing unit in which they were installed.
How do I qualify?
Eligibility for these programs is based upon availability of funding and certain income and program criteria.  For income eligibility and program information, call (888) 524-5705 and follow the prompts (as applicable):
If your utilities have been shut off or you have no propane:
PRESS 1, when prompted.
If you have received a 24 or 48-hour shutoff notice or 15-day notice:
Enter 2, when prompted.
For wood, propane or general assistance:
Enter 3, when prompted.
My heat will be shut off tomorrow. What should I do?
Call 888-524-5705 and follow the prompts shown above.  The Energy Crisis Intervention Program provides payments for weather-related or energy-related emergencies, caused by natural disasters, or a significant increase in:  (1) home energy supply shortages or disruptions; (2) the cost of home energy; (3) home energy disconnection (i.e. shut-off notices).
I received assistance with my utility bill earlier this year. Can I receive assistance again?
Assistance is limited to one time every twleve (12) months.
How do I qualify?
All tenants must be eligible within specific income guidelines that are provided by the State of California annually.
How much is the rent?
Rents are different, based upon the number of people in your household and the number of bedrooms you rent.
How much is the Security Deposit?
The Security Deposits are equal to one months rent.
How much are the utilities? 
Utilities vary, depending on your individual usage, the size of your household and the size of the apartment.  Our apartments are designed to be very energy efficient and the most modern appliances are provided.  Some of our apartment communities have all utilities included in the monthly rent.  In all cases, the cost of water, sewer, and trash removal are included in the rent. Cable television service is never incuded in the rent, but  is available to you through local providers.
Do you accept Section 8 Subsidies?
Yes. We welcome applicants with Housing Choice Vouchers.
Do you allow pets?
We welcome small pets . The Security Deposit may be increased for pets.
How do I contact your apartment communities?
Visit the housing communities main page on our website, then navigate to the apartment community of your choice. Each page will include the contact information on the rental housing page.
Where are your apartment communities located?
Visit the housing communities main page on our website, then navigate to the apartment community of your choice.  Each page will have the address, as well as a link to a map and directions, located under the name and address listing for each property, in the rental housing section.
Are your apartment communities located close to shopping?
Our apartment communities are conveniently located close to shopping centers, public transportation, medical facilities, parks and schools.
Does your apartment community have any amenities?
We feature beautiful apartment homes, with modern appliances and amenities.  Our family apartment communities have recreational areas for smaller children and sports court facilities for all ages.  Our Senior apartment communities have a variety of scheduled programs, garden clubs, exercise room, swimming pool, spa, computer access, and other amenities, depending on the community.
Do you currently have any apartments available?
Our apartment communities are historically occupied at a 95% level or higher, therefore at any given time, we will probably have a vacancy.  Please contact the apartment manager directly for availability.
Do you currently have any apartments available?
Please contact the apartment manager directly.