"Help people become self-sufficient by driving innovative solutions through community partnerships"


Project GO, Inc. is a non-profit community action organization that advocates for and enhances the quality of life of low to moderate income and at-risk families and seniors. To accomplish this we:

1.  Develop, build and manage affordable housing
2.  Improve home energy conservation
3.  Provide emergency energy assistance
4.  Empower people at risk and in poverty to become self sufficient

Today, Project GO, Inc. is responsible for the weatherization and installation of energy conservation measures for more than 1000+ homes annually. Executive Director Lynda Timbers states, “since our inception, we have provided energy conservation measures to approximately over 40,000 low-income households in the five-county area surrounding our office.”

After nearly five years of planning, the cooperative venture between Project GO, Inc., and the Coker-Ewing Development Company had successfully created an environment in which seniors could thrive as independent residents, safely and within their means.

A tribute to ingenuity, responsible development and community service, Maidu Village is located across the street from Roseville’s 40-acre Maidu Regional Park and a short walking distance from the Senior Citizen Community Center and Library.

Additionally, the residents of Maidu Village have easy access to many planned senior services and activities. Within the 80-unit development, “villagers” are able to join their neighbors in the recreational area or use their green thumbs in the planned community garden.

Due to the success of the Maidu Village Development, Project GO, Inc. further expanded our role in the realm of affordable housing development and management.

In 1995, Colonial Village Auburn and Colonial Village Roseville were constructed, each community consisting of 56 units of two and three bedroom apartment homes for low-income families. Cameron Park Village followed soon after, providing 40 units of housing for low-income seniors, and 40 two- and three-bedroom units for low-income families. The development of Maidu Village II, also located in Johnson Ranch, adjacent to Maidu Village I, followed in 2001, providing 84 units of affordable living for low-income seniors.

Phase III of Maidu Village opened in 2005, providing 76 units of affordable senior housing. Bob Coker and Buck Ewing of the South Fork Partnership graciously donated the land for Maidu Village III to Project GO, Inc. This 2.3-acre parcel finalizes the full build-out of the Johnson Ranch Community.  

As the 21st century continues to unfold, Project GO, Inc. looks forward to the development of additional affordable housing communities, the continuation and expansion of energy conservation and rehabilitation programs, and maintaining a vital voice of entrepreneurial spirit within the counties we serve.

Success is built upon dedication, proven relationships and a history that supports ongoing participation with like-minded visionaries. Project GO, Inc. is proud to be a partner in the betterment of our neighbors and community, today and in the future.