We are proud to be a leading provider of affordable housing and energy efficiency programs for low and moderate income working families and senior citizens in our area. Project GO, Inc. has accomplished much in the past years – much more remains to be done.
We have made high quality affordable housing a reality for low to moderate income working families and seniors in our complexes.
Project GO, Inc. has improved the energy efficiency of low income residences by weatherizing, installing safe modern appliances, as well as updating heating units. Additionally, we assist low-income families with direct utility payments in times of need each year.
The members of the Project GO, Inc. Board of Directors, past and present, are grateful for the generous support of our surrounding community. Our years of success have been made possible through the teamwork and cooperation of the Project GO, Inc. staff, working with local, state and federal governments, private investors, developers, as well as utility companies — large and small. Our community is a better place as a result of our combined efforts.
We look forward to expanding our facilities and services to meet the ever-increasing demands for affordable housing and energy efficiency for all families and seniors in the years to come.
Project GO, Inc. is the Placer County Community Action Agency (CAA), and as such, has a volunteer Board of Directors representative of the local community.  CAA's are required to have a Tripartite Board, to reflect and promote the unique anti-poverty leadership, action, and mobilization responsibilities assigned to CAA's by law.
The PGI Board of Directors, through the Executive Director, supervises, controls and directs the affairs of the Corporation in accordance with Federal, State, and Local laws and the PGI By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation.  All Directors fully participate in the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of the programs offered by PGI in its service of low-income individuals and families.
The PGI Board of Directors shall be composed of twelve (12) Directors, following the Tripartite concept established by Community Services Block Grant Act guidelines as follows:
A.Public Sector Directors - One-third of the Directors are public elected officials holding public office on the date of selection, or their duly appointed representatives;
B.Low-Income Sector Directors - One-third of the Directors are persons chosen in accordance with democratic selection procedures specified in Government Code Section 12751.  These members are representatives of low-income individuals and families residing in Placer County; and
C.Private Sector Directors - One-third of the Directors are members of business, industry, labor, religious, law enforcement, education or other major groups and interests in Placer County.